Conference 2022 – Registration

Creativity, Authenticity and Sustainability in Knitted Textiles

Thursday 8th to Friday 9th September, University of Glasgow

This conference brings together academics and creatives to present and discuss historical and contemporary knitwear processes and practices.

Hybrid Event – Free Registration

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Further Event Information

Glasgow is an internationally recognised city of the creative arts and crafts, and Scotland has a global reputation for the quality and style of its knitted textiles. The city is, therefore, an ideal place for a conference which will focus on the processes and practices associated with the production of knitted textiles, from home (hand and machine) knitting to factory production.

Panels will address the themes of creativity in the use of design, materials and techniques; authenticity of materials and practices; and sustainability of production methods. These themes have always been critical features of the success of Scotland’s knitters, designers, entrepreneurs, and business owners – from the lace knitters of Shetland to the global companies of the 21st century.

The conference aims to interrogate the diverse ways in which the sector has been inspired, supported and manifested – from the home knitter to the internationally renowned designer (and everything in between) – not only in Scotland but also internationally.

We have 2 fabulous keynote speakers:

Stana Nenadic, Professor of Social and Cultural History, University of Edinburgh (Thursday 8th September)

Natalie Warner, Designer/Teacher/Writer (Friday 9th September)

Running in tandem with the conference will be a markethall offering yarns, knitted accessories, knitting kits, hand dyed yarns, and knitting sundries.

Full details of panels will be posted soon.

All are welcome!