Margaret Klein Exhibition

In 2022, we asked for volunteers to knit samples from original knitting patterns designed by Margaret Klein for the hand-knitted garment range produced by the Bernat Klein company.

111 volunteers generously donated their time – and yarn – to create 146 samples, which helped to identify stitch patterns in surviving garments. Feedback from our Volunteer Research Knitters also provided valuable insight into how easy or difficult the patterns were to follow, and identified some of the challenges knitting garments to commission at home might have generated.

This exhibition was designed by Bérénice Berlan, University of Glasgow graduate and project intern, who selected examples to illustrate some of the project’s findings. Although space limited the number of examples that could be highlighted, every sample is available to view in the sample library and a full report of the project’s findings is now available to download.

We are indebted to the Klein family for granting us permission to use Margaret’s original patterns and to the National Museum of Scotland for providing access to them.

We would also like to extend our thanks to all of the Volunteer Research Knitters – without whom this project and exhibition would not have been possible.